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The Adventures of that Weird Kid.....-points- Over there.
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Thursday, July 9, 2009
The Wonderful World of Gaia
Mood:  hug me
Now Playing: Where the City Meets the Sea - The Getaway Plan

Sabz got me into Gaia. THANK YOU SABBEH!!! =D Ily! <3



Posted by pokemondorkxd at 12:19 PM CDT
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Sunday, July 5, 2009
x] Messed with a few codes on Zwinky..
Mood:  hungry
Now Playing: Bye Bye - NSYNC <3 -flashback moment-

Here's the result:



Posted by pokemondorkxd at 9:35 AM CDT
Updated: Sunday, July 5, 2009 9:39 AM CDT
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FACT: The Star Wars adventure actually began with Hello Kitty.
Mood:  silly
Now Playing: For once....nothing! O:

Posted by pokemondorkxd at 8:25 AM CDT
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Saturday, July 4, 2009
My cat snores... XD Happy Fourth of July.
Mood:  special
Now Playing: Trouble - NeverShoutNever!

Missy (my meow meow x3) is snoreing her head off...and vibrating the covers. lmao. Don't ask.

Happy Birthday, United States =D.

Here's a picture of the Declaration of Independence I downloaded from....

It's not the original. It's a stone carving.

I love John Hancock's signature. ^_^ It is a bold statement of...patriotism.(?)Plus, his signature is swirly and prettyful. XD **



Foot Notes

**Rofl! -sarcasm- My vocabulary is improving isn't it?

Posted by pokemondorkxd at 5:14 PM CDT
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The Many Faces of Johnny Depp
Mood:  silly
Now Playing: The Dance - Charlotte Martin a few days ago I saw this article on MSN that said Johnny Depp was working on a new movie. ALICE IN WONDERLAND!!!

He is going to be playing the Mad Hatter. [Ironic, yes.] Will this be his perfect role?

O: I cant wait for the production of that to be finished. It's supposed to come out in Fall 2010. I don't think I can wait that long.

 I figured I'd make a slideshow of, who other than the beautiful, Mr. Depp!**

Foot Notes

** Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know I didn't punctuate that right.

So here we go...

 *thinks* Wow. He's hasn't aged a bit.

Posted by pokemondorkxd at 4:46 PM CDT
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Friday, July 3, 2009
Blondie ;] and July 4th
Mood:  on fire
Now Playing: Red Flag - Billy Talent

Billy Talent is ah--mah-zing.

Anyways. On to the mater at hand.

I died my hair a blond-ish color. <3

Actually.... On the box it was blond, but since I had dark brown hair it turned out a lovely shade of strawberry blond.

Oh well. It's lighter. I'm happy.

XD The fourth of July is tomorrow! The United States of America will be ... -does math-...233 years old.

Random "Facts"

  • Eleven places have "independence" in their name. The most populous of these is Independence, Missouri, with 113,288 residents.

  • Five places adopted the name "freedom." Freedom, California, with 6,000 residents, has the largest population among these.

  • There is one place named "patriot" — Patriot, Indiana, with a population of 202.

  • And what could be more fitting than spending the day in a place called "America"? There are five such places in the country, with the most populous being American Fork, Utah, with 21,941 residents.

 I "copied/pasted" these from.... 

Facts from 

The Fourth of July 2008**

On this day in 1776, the Declaration of Independence was approved by the Continental Congress, setting the 13 colonies on the road to freedom as a sovereign nation. As always, this most American of holidays will be marked by parades, fireworks and backyard barbecues across the country.

2.5 million
In July 1776, the estimated number of people living in the newly independent nation.
Source: Historical Statistics of the United States: Colonial Times to 1970 <>

304 million
The nation’s population on this July Fourth.
Source: Population clock <>


The facts kinda suck, but I wanted to include something on the subject.

Foot Notes:

** As it says, those facts are for July 4, 2008

Posted by pokemondorkxd at 5:31 PM CDT
Updated: Saturday, July 4, 2009 5:09 PM CDT
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Thursday, July 2, 2009
Mystery solved.
Mood:  bright
Now Playing: Goodnight Nurse - Death Goes To Disco

Hello guys. Yeah, I've been away for almost half a month! But, where have I really been? At home. XD Yeah, I guess you could say I stopped using the interweb to catch up on my reading. -wink wink- Or...maybe, truth be told, my interweb didn't get paid for.

Speaking of reading, I did, however, finish two of the four library books I have out. The Gollum's Eye by Jonathan Stroud ;] The second book of The Bartimaeus Triology. Working on the third and final book as we speak (or as you read this, rather).

Heres a timeline of major & interesting events [[2009 edition]]:

-June 17~ Got my first job. [[Working for "Equipment Sales” as a cleaner. Ugh.]]****

~ Also got a Zcard from Target. The guy that sold it to me had god-like features. He was absoulutely stunning. ;3    -drools-

-June 18~ Internet gets turned off. >:O Ironically, right after my purchase.

-June 22~ Summer begins! It is also my cat's Birthday! XD HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIGER! <3

 -June 25~ Michael Jackson dies of cardiac arrest! -gasp- The King of Pop is dead! D:**

-June 30~ Internet is turned back on! YAY***

 Random Definitions:
>A timeline is a graphical representation of a chronological sequence of events, also referred to as a chronology.

> If a noun is described as cyclopean, it is suggestive of a Cyclops, or is simply very large.

Foot Notes:
**Also, Farrah Fawcett died in the same hospital as MJ and just two hours before. Two legends, one sad day.

***The details of the exact date of this event are sketchy. Oh well, its not significant anyway. -argues with self- Then why the hell did you list it?!

**** This job sucked ass. Basically, I had to vacuum this cyclopean office, doing everything imaginable. Bathroom duties (toilet paper, paper towels, soap, etc.), cleaning walls (?), cleaning the kitchen (those dirty bastards left a mess on every inch of that counter and floor), garbage, dusting, and worst of all... -horror music plays-.... Vacuuming! D: Anyways I think I got fired. -_- But I DID do a first-class job. I cleaned that office two weeks in a row. The second week the boss man's parents were there and they were snobby, treating me as if I was inferior. ~_~ Treacherous, even. x]

***** Did anyone notice my foot notes are out of order? ^__^

 I bid ye farewell, my anonymous friends and foes.

Yes, I am a bit dramatic... over dramatic. 

Posted by pokemondorkxd at 8:58 AM CDT
Updated: Thursday, July 2, 2009 9:49 AM CDT
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Sunday, June 28, 2009
Styx River, Sunburns, Sillyness, and other Sensual Situations.
Mood:  energetic
Now Playing: First Date - Blink 182

XD Okay, so the title is a little bit odd. My river trip wasn't very "sensual". lmao. Unless, you count being tied to my friend Britt's intertube. Ah..>_< Both intertubes were tied together for about the first 3 miles of the trip, held togethere with about 8 feet of flimsy twine. Thats as sesual as it gets right there. ;]


I try to make some of my titles alliterations. 

Alliteration. Repetition of initial consonants or sounds is alliteration, and is very handy for emphasizing a certain phrase, or as a memory aid. 

God damn. My moms being a bitch. I'll update this later. T___T''

Posted by pokemondorkxd at 12:01 AM CDT
Updated: Saturday, July 4, 2009 5:28 PM CDT
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Monday, June 15, 2009
Another lazy, hazy summer day.
Mood:  hungry
Now Playing: Big Bang-- Big Bang

Eh, well today was pretty much like every other day this month. I sat at home and was on the computer. ^_^ Haha. I had fun on zwinky though. Mom needed a pic for her ID badge for work. I took a bunch of silly pics. XD Gave her a Donald Trump comb-over. It was sexy, lmfao. Then color edited the photo and she was like "Wow, I look good." Hehe.

Er.. That's basically my whole day.

: O And my TV works again. The switch from Analog to digital was Friday (June 12).

Posted by pokemondorkxd at 8:54 PM CDT
Updated: Monday, June 15, 2009 9:55 PM CDT
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Saturday, June 13, 2009
The Magic of Color Tinting.
Mood:  amorous
Now Playing: Scotty Dosen't Know --Lustra
Yeah. Pretty good, eh? I took this pic early in the morning. ;] 
I <3 FotoFlexor.
I went way crazy with this tinting business. 
[[The red shirt sucks arse.]]
Alice in Wonderland.

Posted by pokemondorkxd at 11:35 AM CDT
Updated: Saturday, June 13, 2009 11:40 AM CDT
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Thursday, June 11, 2009
Death Cab for Cutie's Little Bribes
Mood:  chillin'
Now Playing: v.v This Video --Ross Ching =D

Death Cab for Cutie - Little Bribes from Ross Ching on Vimeo.

"For this video, I pulled out every time lapse, stop motion and live action camera trick that I could think of. The goal was to create a fresh, new direction to take my work to.

More information can be found at

By the way, I am looking for a job as well, so if you have a job available, please contact me."

This video is NOT mine. I do not claim to own the video or the music: Death Cab For Cutie's Little Bribes. =D

This amazing video was made by Ross Ching.

And the text in bold above this is what was posted with the vid. =D Poor guy. He’s magnificent-ness isn't being put to work. This recession is really doing a number on the artistic community.

Posted by pokemondorkxd at 1:04 PM CDT
Updated: Thursday, June 11, 2009 1:21 PM CDT
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Mood:  surprised
Now Playing: Take A Drink - Quiet Drive
YAY! I figured out the embeded text thing. Woot Woot. =d Well I'm going to start posting random videos.

Posted by pokemondorkxd at 9:54 AM CDT
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Zwinky =D
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: Paralyzed - The Used <3



^_^ Thats my lame zwinky. Im going to note a few useless words here....**

1. Zwinky cheats
2. Invisible cheat for Zwinky
3. Zbuck cheat for Zwinky


Foot Notes:
** These are commonly searched Zwinky cheats. =D Figured I'd mention them so when people search page pops up in the results.

*** By the way, I DO know a few cheats. =D Like how to cash in 1,000 zbucks a day. And how you won't ever have to play a game again. Just add me on Zwinky.

Posted by pokemondorkxd at 9:42 AM CDT
Updated: Thursday, June 11, 2009 9:53 AM CDT
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Wednesday, June 10, 2009
Rotfl. Interesting.
Mood:  happy
Now Playing: Sugar, We're Going Down - Fall Out Boy
"I'm seven foot tall, I have blue hair, a tattoo of a cup of coffe on my stomach and I run a strip joint. I'm a male to female to male transvestite. I'm also Christian phobic. I am in love with my imaginary prince who claims he is a frog. xxx
I'm also slighty prone to lying. "

I found this in the introduction of MuteAngel's YouTube page. The words are not mine, merely a discovery. An amusing one.


Posted by pokemondorkxd at 1:52 PM CDT
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Puppeteers, Pineapples, Pin Pricks and Other Pointless Propaganda
Mood:  suave
Now Playing: Magolpy - Bi Haeng So Nyeo

x3 Yes, it is a weird title.

This is a weird vid. The little boy(?) singing slightly annoys me.

DX I couldn't figure out how to post a YouTube video on this, so the link will have to do.

I'm not even sure if clicking the link, and watching the video is worth your time. Eh, however, the voice is splendiferous.

Posted by pokemondorkxd at 1:33 PM CDT
Updated: Wednesday, June 10, 2009 1:47 PM CDT
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4.0 Baby!
Mood:  party time!
Now Playing: Katy Perry - Waking Up in Vegas

I forgot to mention this: I made all A's!! =D -boogies-

I've got a 4.0 GPA for Freshman year.  

=goes crazy= YAY!YAY!YAY!YAY!

Okay I'm done. Here are the official grades**:

 ~Advanced World History:    92

 ~Advanced Biology:              92

 ~Geometry:                          90

 ~Business Tech Essentials:  97

 Okay, so their mostly low A's. That's okay. Geometry was a b*tch. That class was extremely boring and there were quite a number of theorems and such to remember. Can't wait for Algerbra II. x.x I'll miss 4th block BTE. =[ No more random conversations with the enthusiastic Ryan. Oh well. 

Foot notes:
** These are Second Semester Averages.. (Course Grades)

Posted by pokemondorkxd at 1:10 PM CDT
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Mood:  cheeky
Now Playing: Anarbor - The Brightest Green

:] It's 11:59. Good Morning. Well schools been out for two and a half weeks. All is pretty good. I'm working on burning a cd. Old School. BAM! I think I might have found a good band. It is a miracle. Haha. I was going through a website for a record company**. All the bands they had on there were crap; well most of them. Reminds me of MC Lars's "Signing Emo" video.


In other news...

I started reading a new manga: Hana to Akuma. IT IS AMAZING! x3 Their isn't an Anime out yet, but when there becomes one, I'm sooo watching it. And I might be somewhat "in-love" with the character Felton. XD In the immortal words of Myself "I am a dork".


Boredom, boredom, boredom. How do you kill time? I wonder where that phrase came from. It's not like you can actually "kill time". That is my mission!***

Forgotten Movies:
~ Disney's Not Quite Human

**I believe the band Mayday Parade is signed on with this particular record company.

*** MISSION: -spy music plays- To find out where that phrase came from and how to kill this "time".


Posted by pokemondorkxd at 11:51 AM CDT
Updated: Wednesday, June 10, 2009 1:09 PM CDT
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Tuesday, May 19, 2009
Quick Conversation with Ryan
Mood:  silly

ME: Hello there.

RYAN: *waves* You said hello there. It looks like VDS. Um.. Lets see I like desert. Make it. Pumpkin.

ME: So how's it going?

RYAN: Good I guess.

ME: Did I miss anything? *Ryan looking at screen*

RYAN: Yes, alot.

ME: Anything else to add to this?

RYAN: Besides trying to get me raped by old guys the age of  55...? No.

-------Time Lapse----

ME: Well, I'm just trying to annoy you.

RYAN: Well its working. Know what? I'm going to freak you out.

ME: How?

RYAN: *winks*

ME: -silence-

RYAN: May I redirect you to the screen.

ME: Sure.


Posted by pokemondorkxd at 2:55 PM CDT
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Mustache Models.
Mood:  incredulous
Now Playing: I dont have time for anything....Im busy!! >: O

Finals suck. I’m super busy and this entry deserves to be on twitter. I hate twitter. What the hell happened to [blogging]!?!? I’ve taken sh*ts with bigger [bloggers] than you. XD Good old Fall Out Boy.



*Notes: The above "paragraph" has 167 characters without spaces. 202 with spaces. Twitter's length is what, 180 or less, right?


Posted by pokemondorkxd at 2:45 PM CDT
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Friday, May 15, 2009
Public Television and camera guy's inferno assistant
Mood:  blue
Now Playing: Pitiful- Sick Puppies

It has been a shizy day. I would say "it was all great until..." but the whole day has been crap. The bus was fine... I was perfectly content with my mp3 player. Then on the second bus everything was fine, I sat with the dude with the blue eyes (For lack of better description). He reminds me of a warrior. ~__~ Somewhat any-who. He "jacked" my mp3 and I just got it back before this class (4th block). ^_^ I think I might have interrupted something by "The Wh*re"**'s going to kill me because I lost my phone AGAIN! >_<
It was either on the first bus or when I was moving to sit with blue eyed dude.

To top all this off, it’s raining. ***And I'm not going home with my buddies. Darn the world and it’s inflatable Jell-o.

**"The Wh*re" is Amber's old locker in which everyone and their uncle put books in her. Poor locker. It doesn’t get much action lately.

*** I love the rain...just when I'm in a bad mood it increases the worseness of the day.

Random Made Up Story Time!!


Okay, one day there was this girl named Lillie. She went to StarBucks and ordered a double-mocha frappe coffee thingy. It was good. Then there was this dinosaur that cornered her at [insert store name here]. She was so scared that she wet her bloomers. She ran through a random door. To her surprise she was in a dark room and in front of a movie screen.
To Be Continued…

Random “Conversation”:

Brittany: This guy has cheesy feet. (She was playing Operation on the computer).

Me: Hey. Psst. Ryan, Do you have cheesy feet?

Ryan: Yes.

Posted by pokemondorkxd at 2:41 PM CDT
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